The Power Of A Brand: Jessica Alba vs. JibberJobber

Jessica Alba, Fantastic 4, against JibberJobber brandI was chatting with a friend a few weeks ago and almost fell right out of my chair as the conversation progressed:

Vincent: By the way: As much as I’m proud of you and your extraordinary work with JibberJobber, I do have a bit of a bone to pick with you…

me: ok

what’s up?

Vincent: You know Jessica Alba, right?

me: yes of course (know “of”)

Vincent: You know she’s been promoting her new movie all over the television, right?

In one room here, I leave the television on.

When Jessica comes on, I run to the room where the television is

When I run to the room where Jessica is,

I see her

me: ok

Vincent: And think about JIBBERJOBBER!!!

me: NO kidding????

Vincent: hahahaha

me: that’s freaking awesome – it’s what I call “branding” !!

Vincent: Well, since you made the allusion to knowing her

That’s TOO MUCH BRANDING, Jason! hahahaha

I guarantee that as you build your personal brand, people will think about you more and more as they associate your sticking points (positive or negative) and are exposed to things throughout their day.

For example, if your brand is one of putting questionable pictures online, then the next time they read in the Wall Street Journal about funky pictures on MySpace, you’ll be the first to come to mind.

Or, if they are in a meeting and hear an announcement about an opening for a marketing superstar, they’ll think about … hopefully you! (or whatever your brand is supposed to convey – ninja programmer, rainmaker, etc.).

It’s. Very. Powerful.

And with this post, I hope that you all think of JibberJobber the next time you see Jessica Alba!

8 thoughts on “The Power Of A Brand: Jessica Alba vs. JibberJobber”

  1. *cough* *cough* linkbait *cough* *cough*

    I can understand where Vincent had a problem, though. You’ve got a great site and all, but whenever I see Jessica Alba, it ain’t JibberJobber I’m thinking of…


  2. @Vincent – I probably should come up with a JibberJobber t-shirt, huh? I’d send it to her and see if she would take a pic with it 🙂

    @Dan – aw shucks, since she has my name… is it really linkbait? :p

  3. @Mike – yuck! bleh! Good point 🙂

    @Dan – I’m not even going to think about the options… but it’s interesting how brand association can go both ways.

  4. Hey now, everyone knows that it was ME, yes ME who came up with the whole Jessica Alba linkbait association with Jason and Jibber Jobber.

    Do I have to post all kinds of links here to prove it? ;-P

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