And For Those That Have Jobs…

pink_slip_small.pngI write a lot for those that don’t have jobs. Even though we are all just a few hours away from getting a pink slip (the image is what I have on the back of my business card), I am… well, not opposed to doing a great job while we are at work! As a matter of fact, sometimes I think that my blog tone and attitude makes me unemployable… I imagine there are hiring managers out there saying “never hire Jason Alba or he’ll get our entire workforce networking, developing personal brands, and paranoid about losing their jobs!”

Alas, I believe in giving more than 100% to the employer (and, of course, balancing your life as well). It’s exciting to be on a winning time, with a winning product or service, make a difference in the world and your industry… and get paid for it! So, for those of you that have jobs I wanted to share a few blogs that I really, really like. In alphabetical order…

anita-bruzzese_small.png45 Things – Helpful information and advice from America’s favorite workplace columnist. Anita Bruzzese writes for lots of newspapers and some huge online sites, so you’ve probably come across her columns. She also has written two books… her focus has been on the workplace. I love her style, and find her posts to be really cool. I’m intrigued by the old media / new media debates so I find it refreshingly cool to see a syndicated columnist writing a real blog (partly because I know I can learn from her training and discipline that she gets from being a real journalist (as opposed to me, just a blogger ;)). (hat tip to Liz Strauss for introducing me to Anita!)

scot_herrick_small2.pngCube Rules – Career Management for Cubicle Warriors – I’ve enjoyed Scot Herrick’s blog for quite a while, even before he was famous :p Scot has a full-time job with a huge company so he has a very different perspective than I do. I love what he writes because once you land that job you really should think proactively about how to do the best job you can. And, of course, I really appreciate Scot championing JibberJobber – we both realize how easily you can go from “I’m not looking” to “I’m looking,” … right?

kent_blumberg_small2.pngKent Blumberg – Leadership, strategy, and performanceKent has had an awesome career in high-level leadership positions. I have adopted Kent as a mentor (not sure he knows that) and have asked him to be on my board of advisors … the experience and wisdom that he brings to the table, and his blog, is really quite powerful. As a leader, a CEO, a manager, I think his blog should be required reading, it’s almost like getting a mentor in a box. Oh, did I mention that he’s exceptionally intelligent? Not a big deal, I know plenty of dumb intelligent people, but because of Kent’s style his intelligence really allows him to swim around all the wisdom and come back with some awesome, awesome lessons. Presented for less-intelligent people like me 🙂

thom_singer_small2.pngThom Singer – Some Assembly RequiredThom’s books are often compared to Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone. Here’s what I love about Thom, though. I know Thom, we’ve dined together, and we’ve had calls and regularly exchange e-mails. He is approachable, and I know that he does what he write about (he’s a regular blogger and working on his third book). Thom practices what he preaches. Thom is a networker. I’m sure Keith is too (duh), but so far he has been absolutely unapproachable (I’ve talked with “his people” but never, never him). Each time I read one of Thom’s posts, which focuses on networking and has a slant for those that are networking in their job (not necessarily for a job search), I know that it’s something that he has already lived through.

Some others that I strongly recommend include:

There you go – all of these folks are friends and have incredible blogs – if you are currently employed you need to be following some blogs in your industry or trade!

9 thoughts on “And For Those That Have Jobs…”

  1. Jason,
    Thanks for the mention of my blog…it’s a work in progress and I’m still trying to figure out how to make it as useful as possible to readers. I’m also very happy that Liz introduced us and look forward to working with you in the future.

  2. Jason-

    Thanks for the kind words. I too find it interesting when someone like you (well connected with a killer blog and product) tries to reach out to someone who is a “networking guru” and you get the cold shoulder. While famous people cannot contact EVERYONE, if your topic is networking and you get too big for your own networking efforts, what is that? I too never heard back from Keith, so I just gave up.

    I hope to God that when my book is a national best seller that I can still live up to the description you gave of my approachability!!! By the way, the new edition of Some Assembly Required (new cover and new content) is coming out this week!!!


  3. @Katie – you’re welcome 🙂

    @Kent – I am quite kind… but all of these blogs are the bomb!

    @Anita – you’re welcome 🙂 I’m glad that Liz introduced us also!

    @Scot – isn’t that cool? I should have guessed that you were one step ahead of me 🙂

    @Mike – sure thing Mike!

    @David – and I’d work for you… but I’m not moving to PA 🙂

    @Thom – You are welcome. I think this is the first time I’ve blogged about the dynamic of a superstar in this way, I find it interesting that you have had the same experience. I understand your concern about “national best seller”… I already feel like I’m behind on my correspondence and relationships and I fear for what will happen as JibberJobber gets bigger 🙁 Alas, I’m trying to stay well-grounded.

    Very cool news on the next edition of Some Assembly Required!

  4. Jason

    Great blog. One of the best I have read reminding me to always keep my networking active. It is so easy to let it go dormat or inactive while employed but as we all know that can change overnight. Job security is in yourself and your networking capabilities.

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