Staying Focused

Bulls-eye - Staying FocusedToday I was supposed to write a review on the Starfish book. I was ready to write it this morning, but I also was co-presenting a three hour session at a conference (“Building your career in bits and bytes” – it’s over now, and I think it went great :)).

So this morning I opted to stay focused on the task at hand.
It reminded me of some of the interviews that I did last year. Instead of having the level of preparation and focus that I needed, I think I winged it too much.

Are you missing the one opportunity to shine?

  • When you interview, are you as prepared and as focused as you can be? Or do you have some excuse to not “do your best?”
  • When you network, do you miss the opportunity to deliver an excellent elevator pitch? Or do you miss the opportunity to connect two people that need to be connected?
  • In your job, is your presentation – the one that helps define your professional brand within your company and industry – is it as impressive and good as it should be?

You get the point. Sorry for not doing the review that I said I was going to do – but I had to make a decision to stay focused (I would not get a second chance to make this three hour presentation).

I hope you do the same.

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