Becoming Efficient So You Can Be Effective

Pennsylvania, in New EnglandLast week I got a really cool testimonial from Dave in Pennsylvania:

Thanks for your vision and efforts with JibberJobber. It has made my job search much more effective and efficient.

The web is supposed to make things better and faster and JibberJobber does just that. It is the tool I use to input a variety of possibilities; jobs I found, companies I like and then the actions to progress the opportunity to closure.

Without JibberJobber, I had an absolute administrative nightmare on my hands…now it’s easy, I spend more time on relationships than the admin part.

This might be one of the most profound testimonials I have received – probably because it hit close to home for me. The whole reason I started JibberJobber was because my information was an administrative nightmare. I needed efficiency.

I also wanted to use the information collected after I found a job – and having JibberJobber as a web-based system meant it would last longer than a scrap of paper, an Excel spreadsheet, a spiral notebook… or computer crashes, or even moving from house to house! As a user, I could even put it on hold for a few years, and when I came back to pick it up again the data would still be there in a format that is easy to understand.

But Dave hits on something that I might have missed. Becoming more efficient so that you can be more effective.

Spend less time on administrivia so that you can spend more time on being effective!

Thanks Dave, for reminding me of one of the major benefits of JibberJobber!

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