Pay It Forward TODAY

It's about the relationship!We all have opportunities to develop relationships. We actively think about some people that we want a stronger relationship with, while there are others that are kind of “on the back burner.”

Today I challenge you to do something that you weren’t planning on doing for someone that you weren’t really thinking of. Today is the day… think of who is on the back burner, and start up the relationship again. Here are some ideas:

  1. Send an e-mail. Sounds whimpy but it’s easy, and effective. I got an e-mail from a HUGE industry leader that was supposed to get with me, and in the subject line he had “{disarmed}” … in essense saying “I’m sorry! I goofed! Let’s start over!” What a great way to get back in touch.
  2. Pick up the phone. Chat. If it’s 5 minutes that’s fine. If it’s longer that’s great! And figure out some way to follow up regularly! Don’t know how to start? Say this: “Hey John, this is Jason Alba, do you have a few minutes? Cool – hey, I was just thinking about you and thought I’d give you a call to see how things are going?” and let the conversation go from there.
  3. Write, with a pen (not a keyboard :p), a card. It’s a lost practice and will have a huge impact.
  4. Invite this person to lunch TODAY. Even if they can’t lunch today, you can invite them and set a date.
  5. Send a magazine, article or book, with a message like “Hey, I came across this and immediately thought of you. I know you are busy but figured you would like to get your hands on this.” This is a very thoughtful gesture that shows you care about their interests.
  6. here’s a novel idea… pass on a job lead. Even if they are already employed, or retired… they might know someone that the job is for. And you never know how many of your employed friends are getting that itch to move on. Everyone should be interviewing at least once a year (in my opinion) to keep fresh, stay up on what’s out there, etc. And if the lead is not relevent to them, they could pass it on, and thus have an opportunity to strengthen their network!

To help you, here are two great job leads that you can pass on. If you are in Salt Lake City it applies directly to you. If you are outside of Utah then you can still pass this on – you might know someone that has always wanted to work at eBay… or someone that knows someone in Utah, etc. These are real positions (I’d like to say they aren’t posted anywhere, the truth is, I don’t know, but I did get word of them from “an insider”). If you have any interest in these jobs please contact John directly at

eBay offers pet insurance??If you know anyone looking for an Account Management or Project Management position, eBay is hiring (these are specifically in Salt Lake City, as far as I know). Send them my email address ( and I can help them get to the right people to talk to. Some info on the Account Manager:


Primary Job Responsibilities:

An eBay Account Manager partners with eBay’s Top Sellers to increase sales within the eBay Marketplace. In this role you will manage and develop a portfolio of accounts to drive increased sales and cross-selling opportunities within eBay.

Specific Duties:

  • Sustain performance within a portfolio of core accounts while increasing sales and developing strategies for account relationships.
  • Optimize member experience delivering “best in class” account services. Surpass customer satisfaction expectations against all key metrics measurements.
  • Ensure client performance is meeting/exceeding expectations. Communicate any challenges with management and team.
  • Review key account activity, performance and opportunities for improvement.
  • Liaise with relevant departments and senior executives within eBay to adequately represent accounts and to ensure effective account management.
  • Create and promote product awareness/income potential and internal cross-selling opportunities.
  • Monitor individual accounts to ensure compliance with all eBay site policies.

Job Requirements:

  • 2+ years experience as an Account Manager or 3+ years in a sales and marketing capacity.
  • Experience with CRM and sales management tools.
  • E-commerce experience strongly preferred.
  • Experience buying and selling on eBay, preferably within an industry category i.e., internet jewelry, technology, collectibles, etc.
  • Highly effective verbal and written communication skills as well as excellent presentation skills.
  • Willing to travel to meet accounts as needed.

Our Investment in Our New Hires:

  • Competitive salary
  • Quarterly bonus potential
  • Restricted stock grants
  • Paid Time Off -16 days accrues in your first year
  • Holiday Pay – 11 holiday days in 2007
  • Sabbatical Program – After five years of service you are eligible for 4 consecutive weeks of time off with pay
  • Medical, Dental and Vision benefits available – DAY 1!
  • Company matched 401(k) savings plan -contributions are 100% vested immediately
  • Educational Assistance available – eBay can reimburse up to $5,250 per year for pre-approved courses
  • On-site Fitness Center
  • Pet insurance
  • Adoption Assistance — eBay provides up to $5,000 per adoption
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan – you may elect to contribute up to 10% of your total comp to purchase shares of eBay stock at a discount

There you go – if you can pass it on then do it. If you can’t, find a way to reach out to someone TODAY.

4 thoughts on “Pay It Forward TODAY”

  1. Jason, great post. Wonderful concept – to help others first. Seems kind of funny that (miraculously) I had already done that for two different folks just this AM (right before I flipped over to read your latest blog posts.)

    Actually, what I did was act as a power connector for two of my favorite recruiters who don’t know each other. One is looking for a better industry to be in and the other is looking for experienced recruiters to learn a new industry. To me it appears a match made in heaven. So I would add to your list, “make an introduction of people you know who should get to know each other.”

    Another thing you could add, “invite someone to join you linked in network”. I’m happy to invite folks to join mine. My philosophy is to help others first so my network contacts are available for those who are serious and professional in their requests.

  2. Like a lot of people, I knew about “pay it forward”, saw the movie and thought it was great. After reading your challenge, I decided to do it and reached out to someone today. I had forgotten how utterly good this makes me feel! And just as importantly, how these good feelings begin to positively effect my thinking about sharing, networking, reaching out, and experiencing more in life. Excellent post Jason…thanks for the reminder!

    -Nadine Turner

  3. The Pass It On Movement is looking for directors in classrooms, schools, groups, neighborhoods, school districts, cities, counties, states, and regions. Everyone has a gift – What’s yours. Please take a look at 100 ways to volunteer and pick one. Then find 99 other people that want to hlep make the world a better place.

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