JibberJobber Is For… WHO???

JibberJobber - Your Career ToolsetToday is the very last day of the lifetime for $99 special offer. If you haven’t taken advantage yet I suggest you login and upgrade now – you’ll get lifetime premium features for just the price of 10 months. After midnight tonight the offer goes away 🙂

… and, a quick welcome to CareerJournal.com readers!

My final post during this one-week crazy special offer is to explain a bit more who could/should use JibberJobber. So here we go…

The working professional. Statistically speaking you will be looking for a new job in the next 3-5 years. And your success may have a lot to do with the network you nurture now. Use JibberJobber as a relationship management tool to know whatyour network looks like (breadth/depth) and work on those relationships. While you are at it start listing the companies that you might be interested in working for… these could be companies you read about, interact with, sell to, etc.

The business owner. What role do relationships have in your business? If it’s anything like my business, it’s a huge role! Your business is your career, and JibberJobber will help you take care of important relationships to help your business.

The student. Wondering what you are going to do once you finish school is scary (been there, twice!). Students should walk out of school with at least 200 network connections – here’s a post I wrote on CollegeRecruiter about WHO you should add to your network.

The journalist. As a journalist you have “sources.” Use JibberJobber to list your sources, log communications with them, schedule action items (“reach out to Jason to ask him about…”). Even if your company has a CRM tool for you to use, you should have your own contact management system to manage your personal contacts (you will transition too, won’t you?).

The freelancer. AKA consultant. JibberJobber allows you to manage relationships with customers, prospects, etc. Manage information on current and prospective customers. Use the Interview Prep area to develop your own “me in 30 seconds” statements to help people understand what you do, and what you can do for them. Use the Expense Tracker as a simple tool to keep track of revenues and expenses.

The power connector. Keith Ferrazzi calls you out – headhunters, realtors, etc. Perhaps you don’t even know your value as a networking power connector. How are you nurturing your relationships? Are you ranking the strength of relationships? Are you logging important communications and keeping track of opportunities to reconnect (ie. birthdays)?

The recruiter. I have an entire post on JibberJobber for recruiters here

The job coach. Every one of your clients should use JibberJobber in their job search and then for relationship management. You should use it and know how it works, so you can help them optimize it. But you need to be a “coach” in the system so that you can interface with your client in a richer way.

The blogger. One of my little marketing secrets this year has to do with my relationships with other bloggers (which probably isn’t much of a secret). I use JibberJobber to keep track of who the bloggers are, where they blog, what communications I have with them, when I need to reach out to them again, etc. If you want to grow your blog you need to have a strategic plan in place and JibberJobber was a big part of the execution of my plan.

The grandma. Grandmas do things like send out Christmas cards, easter packages, birthday presents and cool stuff like that. Hip grandmas have some cool tool (like JibberJobber) to help keep dates, addresses, etc. all organized ;).

The event planner. Coordinating an event means knowing who does what, where and when. Using JibberJobber you can categorize groups of people (vendors, exhibitors, participants, people on your team, guest speakers, etc.) and manage the tasks and communication around your event. And use the “share contact” feature to send important contact information to people on your team.

The Job Seeker. Of course. If you are a job seeker and don’t think you need it then I’m guessing that your job search is either just beginning or not that complex yet. Is it worth it to switch from your Excel spreadsheet to JibberJobber? Absolutely, for one simple reason: once you land your job you should have all of your job search information at your fingertips – Excel, the sticky notes, the spiral notebook … it will all look like chicken scratch after a few months (if you are anything like me!). JibberJobber will be used even during you land your dream job!

There’s more… I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

Don’t forget – today is the last day of the $99 for life upgrade! Just login to your account (or get a free account here) and then click on the upgrade link at the top of the page!

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