Create A Local Networking Opportunity

Mimi's Cafe... make it happenSo this is to announce a monthly blog dinner in my city (see below), and I kind of feel bad because most of my readers (over 90%) are outside of Utah. So let me address you non-Utah people first.

This is a casual monthly thing (yep, second month in a row!). There is no speaker, no agenda, and no list of invitees. Its just a word-of-mouth thing, set up for the same time, same place on the fourth Thursday of each month.

I strongly encourage you to set something up where you live. It can be a bloggers dinner. It can be a LinkedIn dinner. It can be an executive/professional dinner… entreprenuers, unemployed, underemployed… get the idea? Small is okay (its more intimate, and you get to know people better). Consistency is critical. This is an excellent opportunity to build relationships at a deeper level than usual.

Next time you are in Salt Lake City on the fourth Thursday, look us up. Here are the details (this should be the same for every fourth Thursday, including tonight):

Mimi’s Cafe, in the mall parking lot around State Street and 106 South.


You don’t need to bring anything except money for your own dinner or appetizer… and maybe some questions or willingness to help.

If you are NOT a blogger, don’t come! Just kidding. Come anyway. Its a great time, and isn’t necessarily a technical conversation (although we reserve the right to talk about pinging, trackbacks, posts, comments, spam and all kinds of important things!). But realize that we’ll all spend time trying to talk you into becoming a blogger 😉

If you don’t know what I look like, click here for a picture.

5 thoughts on “Create A Local Networking Opportunity”

  1. Next one March 22? Please! It’s the only Thursday I’m not booked in March. Wish I was there. Hope it was fun! Your blog is so well done – you live what you teach too. I’ve heard of other blogging groups getting together and being disappointed but I think we have a group of amazing people here. I think a few hours with you and Rob and the world’s problems would be totally solved. Or at least it would feel that way 😉

  2. Yep – it will be on the 22nd since that’s the 4th Thursday 🙂 Guess where – Mimi’s… in Sandy (not Orem, Ash!) – same place, same time!

  3. I went to Mimi’s Cafe in Sandy on February 22 at 6:00PM (I got there at 6:09PM because I was stuck in a traffic jam for 15 minutes.) The front desk person did not know about any meetings. Since the light was good, I took some photos of Mimi’s Cafe. This one looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting (with a sedan parked in front).

  4. Jason.

    You are so right…Building relationships online is great, but eventually you are going to want to meet and build community face to face. Meetup ( is a great way to organize a group online and then arrange regular in person meetings. They offer a broad range of meeting categories and if you don’t like what you see, you can start your own group.

  5. Kevin – sorry about that – next time I’ll have an RSVP and tell the hostess about the group 😐 I was there from a little before 6pm until about 9:30, and it was a blast. I would have loved to meet you because you are doing a lot of interesting things with your sites!

    Barbara – great resource! I’ve signed up to get local meetups and its interesting to see what meetings people are pulling together. For those that are curious, its free and easy to use.

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