Give, Share, Give, Share, Give, Share

That’s what networking is all about, right? I have an excellent way for you to give and share right now. Whether you have tangibles or intangibles, whether you are highly confident or not, whether you are an extrovert network or an introvert networker, I got just the thing for you!

As you are managing your career you’ll come across people and companies, gathering information and storing it in JibberJobber. Unlike social networking sites, all of this information you gather is private. JibberJobber is your “closed system” where you can put anything you want, and not worry about the world seeing it.

But did you know that you can share this information with others? Here’s how:

Share contacts and companies in the list panelOn the Company or Network List Panel there are checkboxes along the left side. At the bottom there’s this little icon: share companies or network contacts. Check as many checkboxes as you want and then click on the share icon – the next page allows you to put in either a JibberJobber username or an e-mail address, and those records will be pushed to your friend.

I have done this a number of times when I have lunch with someone, get to know them and what their skills are, and want to open my network to them. I’ll go into my network and find about five people that they should know… and push those record over to them!

You can approve this for your network, or delete itNow when you share these contacts or companies with them they have the option to accept or decline the records! When they login they’ll get a little note (see image on the left)… if they accept then it shows up in their list panel.

You can also share individual records from the Company or Network Contact Detail Page. Anyplace you see this little icon share companies or network contacts you’ll be able to share with another JibberJobber user 🙂

Want to share with someone that doesn’t use JibberJobber? One option is to save the contact’s info as a vCard and then e-mail that to your buddy (just click where you see this icon: download a vCard for your contact). But I highly recommend you invite your buddy to signup on JibberJobber for the free account – there’s lots more benefit than just sharing leads!

The ability to share and give is awesome, you can start right now. Whether you are a job seeker, employed, a recruiter, a coach, a coordinator of a networking association or whatever, give to others. This is something you can give of high value, but costs you nothing 🙂

3 thoughts on “Give, Share, Give, Share, Give, Share”

  1. uh, ya, about that – its coming out soon 🙂 There are a few place where e-mails from the system to you or your buddy makes a ton of sense. Stay tuned.

  2. Thanks for the answer, Jason. Still a very cool feature. I can see it being used to help people help one another to a great degree. Osrt of like crossing your “Introductions” post advice with full on contact plug n play… Can’t wait to see it!

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