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The last 7 days have been pretty incredible. I feel very fortunate to have had so much coverage since I first launched, starting with a 5 question interview from CM Russell (author of Secrets of the Job Hunt). There have been 5 podcast interviews, and a write-up from legendary Rafe Needleman from WebWare (a CNET property). It just keeps rolling in… here’s two amazing things from the last week:

Yahoo FinanceOn Thursday there was an article by Penelope Trunk on the front page of Yahoo Finance. It is titled “Ten Ways to Improve Your Job Hunt,” and in my opinion, is right on target. Her 4th point is to use JibberJobber – yehaw! I mean, yahoo! It has been amazing to see the rankings and comments by the readers … I think many of them missed the point of the article and got hung-up on one or two points that that they totally disagreed with. If you have a Yahoo account, please go check it out, rank on it and comment on it 🙂 This article was my first significant spike in traffic and signups – it has been amazing to watch the activity since it was posted! Thanks Penelope!!

About.com Job Search Expert Alison DoyleToday there is a new blog post on About.com’s job search page posted by expert Alison Doyle. Alison has been the job search expert since 1998, which is really cool (almost 10 years!). She posted a very favorable review of JibberJobber, and comments on the relevence of this cool tool. Please go check it out, and if you are a user (or a JibberJobber lover) please leave a comment/testimonial on that post – it would be cool to let her readers know what YOU think about JibberJobber! 🙂 Thanks Alison!

Review of JibberJobber on PerMorten.netOk, now this next one isn’t on a hugely trafficked website but it is pretty cool/fun for one reason – its in a language that I don’t know (I knew I should have taken Norwegian as a second language!!) – check this out: https://www.permorten.net/jobblogg/?p=143

Thanks to all for your continued support! Great things are coming in the near future!

6 thoughts on “JibberJobber In The News”

  1. Congratulations! I told you that 2007 would be a big year for you. you have a great product and a true passion for helping people which, i think, is the recipie for success! Way to go.


  2. John, Carolynn, Penelope and Liz – thanks so much for your support! I’m working to make 2007 a huge year, and it is so helpful to have customers, champions and advocates like you encouraging me at each step along the way 🙂

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