We can all use a little help in this area: Manners/Etiquette

A few months ago I came across two ladies (Ellen Reddick and Lorie Gonzales) that have been coaching and teaching executives for years, and was intrigued to see they had come out with their own job search book. The reason they did this was because their executives had job search questions for/from their kids.

Anyway, one thing led to another and we end up chatting for a couple of hours at a local deli. These were two very classy ladies (and I showed up in my usual jeans ;)).

Aside from checking out their book, I signed up for their weekly etiquette tip (its free). Even though I’m quite gruff I figured I wouldn’t learn much more than which side of the plate to put the spoon, and general stuff like that. But since I signed up I’ve been amazed that the tips cover a very broad set of subjects, and while some of it is common sense to me, I do learn a lot. Here are some of the topics from the last couple of months (which they follow with a number of small 2 or 3 sentence explanations):

  • Ten Ways to Build a Better Career Search “Thank You” Letter
  • Etiquette Tips for the Sushi Bar
  • Gym Etiquette
  • Teaching Our Children To Be Polite, Kind and Honest

I strongly encourage you to go signup for the free tips e-mail – it is non-intrusive and has excellent information. In fact, it has proven to be an encouragement to leave my gruff behind and perhaps become more of a proper gentleman (but, I still don’t eat sushi).

Note: I needed this so much I even had to look up etiquette in dictionary.com to see if I was spelling it right. I wasn’t.

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