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Anna Farmery - The Engaging BrandI came across Anna Farmery while looking for blogs on networking or personal branding and was pleased to find one that covers both! Anna’s bio from her site:

After 20 years of being a Corporate Director I have branched out on my own to explore how new tehnology can help with the constant strive to improve company performance through the engagement of people.

I work with companies and individuals through tailoring development via e-coaching and podcasting. I also work with companies on employment branding, coaching, people/business strategy.

Yesterday we spent about 45 minutes on the phone for a podcast, and I’ll have to say, this was not like the others that I’ve done. The others were great, focusing on my story, JibberJobber and stuff like that. Anna wanted to explore areas in personal branding and networking that I hadn’t though too much about. I found it to be a most intriguing 45 minute dialogue, and hope you will to. Click over to her site to get links to the podcast… and here are two tidbits that are fresh on my mind (read: I’m still intrigued by the dialogue we had):

– should companies network?
– personal branding is taking a 2-dimensional profile of someone and making it 3D.

And a testimonial never hurts, right? Mike Murray from Episteme.ca e-mailed this last night:

Quick note – great podcast today. You and Anna were fantastic, and it was full of excellent thoughts. I even heard a “wow, that’s cool” from my wife, and she’s notoriously tough to impress. 🙂

Now you know when you impress someone’s wife that you are on to something! Just for the record, this was my 4th podcast interview and my wife has not listened to any of them! 😉

Anna, thanks for the opportunity – it was a blast!

2 thoughts on “Podcast with Anna Farmery”

  1. Wow, thank you so much – glad that I “engaged” you! Based on the feedback that I have had, people love your story, and your passion. For me branding, be it personal or corporate, is about being clear about your values and I mean that in 2 senses

    What your values are, and what value you give to the world…when you clear about both then there is only one thing left to do…..JUST DO IT!

    Thank YOU for bringing value to my life.

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