Winner of the month – December 2006 – Adelino! Adelino!

December 2007 Winner of the Month - Adelino de AlmeidaI’m pleased to announce one of my more favorite (more favorite??) blogs as the 2007 winner of the month – Adelino de Almeida’s Profitable Marketing! I met Adelino a few month ago (I met him virtually… I can’t remember why we met) and was impressed by the quality of his content. It is laden with models and analysis that puts marketing in a new light for me. Now, understand, I thought I would love marketing until I took my first intro to marketing class that seemed more like statistics than the fun stuff that I thought it would be.

But when I read Adelino’s blog here’s what I see: someone that I want to hire, because he knows a lot about a lot! Let me rephrase that: He knows a lot (depth) about a lot (breadth)! His categories span various subjects that I would expect to see (marketing modeling, marketing strategy, trends), some that I didn’t expect (call center, Six Sigma and Web 2.0) and one that I had to look up on (semiotics)! That, for me, is pretty good breadth without expanding too far into areas that would be distractions from his personal brand.

Remember about 4 months ago when I wrote some posts to try and convince my MarCom (marketing/communications) buddy to blog, and I’d write as if I were a marketing guy? I wanted to show that you could take those duh! thoughts that you have as a professional and blog on them, showing more of your expertise. Well, guess what? Adelino has a post about Starbucks that does just that! On Dec 21 he writes “Building the Starbucks Brand – an Outsider’s View” which sums up what a marketing professional should be thinking in just a few paragraphs… this is powerful analysis if Adelino were being looked at for a job opportunity. Obviously this one post doesn’t quantify his talents and skills, but it is very consistent with the rest of his blog. If you started a blog for 2007, how hard would it be to write your thoughts on stuff you are already an expert on?

Note that in his very first post, the Welcome to my Blog post that feels quite akward, he says “there is a bevy of incredibly well qualified individuals that share their insights from a qualitative standpoint, I’ll try and approach strategy and marketing issues from a ‘mathematical’, quantitative angle.” So he’s not out to go at this Seth Godin style, rather taking what I would consider to be a more difficult if not geeky approach… further setting him apart as a professional (or at least helping readers understand where his expertise and passion lies).

The key is that he has backed this statement up – you will see that his posts are very analytical and has lots of graphs and images – either to show data or explain concepts.

Adelino has a very smart blog – he is to marketing what Kent Blumberg is to leadership – I’m excited to see how his online identity plays out over 2007. Go see for yourself at his blog, and if you have a blog that has anything to do with leadership, management, marketing or strategy I recommend you add him to your blogroll – it will make you look smarter 😉

Congratulations Adelino – you are in very good company! Here’s your cyber-high five, you’ll see I’ve added your blog to my You Get It!! section on the left, and of course you get an additional 6 months of premium features of JibberJobber! Keep it up – we’ll be watching you!

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