Podcast interview with Jim Stroud & Karen Mattonen

Jim Stroud - The Recruiter's LoungeRecruiters know who Jim is, he has been a blogger and podcaster for quite a while and has a great show called “The Recruiter’s Lounge” … I had the honor of being a guest on his show last week and he posted the podcast early this morning. It was the first interview I’ve done with 2 interviewers at the same time (Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen) I encourage you to listen to it if you have been curious about JibberJobber – especially from a recruiter’s perspective.

I really encourage you to listen to it if you want to hear Jim’s first on-air prophesy (hint: it has to do with JibberJobber’s future).

I’ll have to say that we chatted before and after the interview and it was an exciting, high-energy discussion. Many thanks to Jim and Karen for the time they spent with me, the probing questions, and the great discussion after the interview!

Click here to listen!

Here are the highlights:

Karen Mattonen - The Recruiter's Lounge0:38 My blog was nominated for an award by Recruiting.com! (Yay!)
0:50 Pleeezzz vote for me!
1:44 And now a word from our sponsor – Online Recruitment Magazine
2:30 I just love the way it sounds!
3:55 As soon as heard the name, he too fell in love
4:08 So why do this in the first place?
6:31 Name the bells and whistles
8:20 From jobseeker to entrepreneur in one fell swoop
10:26 JibberJobber is for the people, for a lifetime
12:55 Just getting in the game and he already has bragging rights
15:35 In the future, a yacht in the carribean
16:33 JibberJobber goes beyond jobsearching and into networking
17:10 JibberJobber would be a GREAT complement to LinkedIn (see breaking news about LinkedIn Founder)
19:15 Jim Stroud makes his first (on-air) business prophecy
20:36 Karen chimes in with a YouTube comparison
21:15 Shocking stats don’t surprise Karen at all.
22:45 Tune in next year to hear how accurate Jim was today

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