The problem with my blog is…

… for those of you that get my posts in RSS or via e-mail, you may be missing out on some great dialogue in the comments. You are missing out on brain candy 😉

For example, have you checked in on the post about last month’s Winner of the Month, to see almost 40 comments from the cream of the crop about personal branding, what to leave off your resume, where to compromise? There was so much good stuff in there I can’t stand it!

And just a couple of hours ago Steve Levy left a terrific comment on yesterday’s post on “substantiate yourself“… I was so impressed with the comment I’m including it here:

As a recruiter it is relatively easy for me to discern what is truth and what is rubbish when hearing someone talk about their personal qualities. Resumes are propaganda constructed to put one’s best foot forward. Yet resumes pale in comparison to personal statements that include things that, while they may make some uncomfortable, speak to the individual. (there’s more than this, want to read it all?)

Anyway, please come check the blog for comments every once in a while. It is amazing the dialogue that I see here!

2 thoughts on “The problem with my blog is…”

  1. On the “Substantiate Yourself” thread, pay particular attention to what Scott Ingram wrote: “Just calling on people on your network and asking them for help can sometimes be a challenge. By giving them something first your efforts will be MUCH easier.”

    Life is a two-way road (or a full blown interstate for those with far too much on their plates).

    Thx for thr kudos J.

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