More Videos – highly recommended

Well, they are highly recommended by me 🙂 Actually, I recorded these last night after playing around with my audio for about 3 hours… and then suddenly, and finally, it worked! So I recorded these as fast as I could before my audio crashed again 😉

As usual, this is unplugged, unscripted, but helpful all the same!

Expense Tracker (1 minute, 45 seconds) – This is a cute premium feature that was requested by a small outplacement firm that I met about 6 months ago. It is a very simple way to track expenses and mileage, and you can categorize each “expense” as you wish. Everyone that is (or was) a premium user and adds data into this will get an e-mail at the end of every January with an itemized list that you can take to your accountant and perhaps get a write-off. I think that in various cases (job search, own your own business) the expense of JibberJobber is a tax write-off!

How to Add a Job Feed (1 minute, 31 seconds) – I admit that I don’t like “feeds”… but check out this short video to see how cool it is, and how to get value out of a job feed. Trust me, if you don’t know what it means then you need to spend a couple of minutes watching this – if you do know what feeds are then check it out anyway because this a very cool use of feeds (and fits perfectly into’s feed model).

Job Feeds Creating a New Job Record (1 minute, 37 seconds) – Kind of Part II to the job feed video, which shows you how to quickly click on a job feed and add that as a job record. Very cool.

Action Items Explained (2 minute, 33 seconds) – Action Items are pretty simple but I figured this video would help solidify what they are, and how to get the best out of them.

Tags Explained (1 minute, 22 seconds) – You NEED TO use tags… if you don’t, then watch this quick video and see how easy it is to use them. It is super valuable.

Tags to E-mails? (2 minute, 03 seconds) – This is unbelievable, and I’ve been wanting this for months! No matter who you are (active job seeker, small business owner, whatever) this makes JibberJobber worth it. Note that it is a part of the premium features, maybe this is the thing that makes it worth the upgrade!