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Janet MeinerOk, tomorrow I’m *hoping* to wrap up the carnival, officially, with a cool summary. I need to link to Janet Meiner’s entry, which I didn’t see because there’s a little glitch with a blog plugin (sorry for those that have tried to leave comments and walked away frustrated – should be fixed today). So this is the second-to-last post that I expect to do on the carnival, as I have something else I’m anxious to get started on for next week. If you are a digger, please go to this link and digg this whole carnival thing.

Janet Meiner has been blogging as the NewsPaperGrl for quite a while and pretty much puts it all out there. She asks some “how to” questions that are pretty interesting to anyone that is involved in driving business through the web, has a keen interest in PR (press releases, etc.) and how technology plays into it. Many folks find her blog informative as they try and do their job or build their personal business. She also is no stranger to unemployment (or, job changes) … read Janet’s entry here.

And finally, John R. sent me an e-mail in response to my question “what exactly did you take away from this carnival?” His reply is below:=== BEGIN OBSERVATIONS ===So many great blog posts from a lot of folks I had not known of in the past.FJR> Hmmm, people will give you their best thinking if you ask!


Someone once said that “nothing focuses one’s mind more than the sound of bullets whizzing past.” Anyone who has been laid off can tap into this energy, if they try to. The key is doing it methodically.

FJR> Methodically! I need more and better meth!



Exploring the Candidate Bill of Rights

FJR> Unthinkable! Candidate’s rights?



Thinking back over the experience, I asked myself how Nate had created such a perfect buying experience for us. His questions were the key. Through his questions, he found our exact need, then provided a great solution for the need.

FJR> Steal this concept!



Entrepreneurship and generating passive income through blogs, products, speaking, consulting.

FJR> Either next, or the one after that. (Before WalMart greeter!)



I can see now that he was right – because I never regained my interest or focus, and that potential is no longer a part of my life.

FJR> Decisions cut off other avenues. “Choose wisely”



Pick a strategy, tweak it here and there, and you’ll have better success than aimlessly bouncing the ball around.

FJR> Don’t have one? I need my next two strategies, Now!



Before writing your essays draft a few thoughts on paper for each question.

FJR> If I’d have done that, maybe I’d have won Jason’s car. Or produced a better essay.



Your best shot at fast employment is still your current employer.

FJR> Disagree. You’re damaged goods! But, suck everything dry before it happens!



There’s almost always a reason why they haven’t been as visible. This is a great opportunity to find out why.

FJR> I try an age my contacts, but I could should, must do, better.



My skills are not as current as I’d like them to be.

FJR> Me2; so what do I do!?!



Play up how your skill sets and abilities are exactly what the company needs in order to maximize, optimize, advantagize (is that a word?).

FJR> Need 2 advantagize!



Always insist on obtaining either verbally and/or in writing his/her response and commitment to the job offer.

FJR> Make them pay for it!



The First Sunday of every month, I have a meeting with my mythical team of me, myself, and I. We discuss the implications of “the only paycheck you’re assured of is the one that is in the bank”.

FJR> My best idea!



Attend Events

FJR> But I’m a lazy ITSJ!



ALWAYS be thankful (very thankful!) to anyone

FJR> Even BEFORE they help!



Always know the 2 things you want to learn each quarter.

FJR> Great Idea!



Contextual Authority Tagging is the use of folksonomy to discover and define cognitive authority through reputation within communities of users.

FJR> Wow, how can I exploit that insight?



Morgan Fairchild Marketing is composed of Reach, Frequency and Awareness.

FJR> And knock out beauty. How as a FOWG can I overcome that?


What did you take away? (sorry if you have comment problems :(… should be resolved in a few hours)

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  1. Thanks for spotlighting me Jason! Most of the companies I worked for are gone now (dot coms). So yes, I’ve had plenty of practice finding jobs. After working in technical recruiting for a while at Novell I found that I enjoy the process. I understood it better.

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