Need Resume Help?

I ain’t no expert. I don’t even spell check these blog posts (usually). But I came across two very useful posts:

1. This is more technical, with some great handholding on how to use Word to make some neat little tweaks. Note in the comments the Guerrilla takes serious issue with the content… and some other stuff (its always good to hear from an expert, right?). Thanks to C.M. Russell for the link.

2. This is from the Guerrilla himself, not much on the technical but heavy on the content and the rest.

Great stuff in both posts. If you want my opinion, save your time and go get a professional 🙂

You know my story, so I don’t have to tell you that it was my resume (that I thought was the bomb) that kept me out of the first interview! You can see links to resume’s I blog with on the left (just scroll down). And I’ve learned that getting a professional resume writer is cheaper than I thought.

BTW, for all of you employed folks out there, where’s your resume? I burned the first week of unemployment toying with mine – what a waste of time! If you can’t find your resume today you better start putting it together!

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