First a SLOB, now an SOB…

I'm an SOB winner!So I just got a great honor from Liz Strauss who is a blog expert, career coach and many other things (check out her profile here)… her experience in blogging at a corporate strategy level really adds credit to this award, and I sincerely appreciate it.

One question I have for any award-givers out there is… aren’t there any acronyms that don’t make people blush or flinch? Like “the NEAT award” (nearly everything’s authentic blog) or “the BOMB award” (Blog on master blogger!)?

And for all the naysayers, you can click here to see that this is a real, authentic thing 😉 Note it is the 52nd week she’s done it, happy birthday SOB/Liz!

Note: SOB = Successful and Outstanding Blogger 😉

5 thoughts on “First a SLOB, now an SOB…”

  1. thanks Carl — I think I’m a blog junkie now, as I’m addicted. But I love what it does for me, and the relationships I’ve developed because of it. I’m an advocate of personal branding and I’ve learned first-hand what the benefits are from this blogging experience!

    And… I doubt I crashed Liz’s server :p

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