How Do I Help My Buddy?

This question has been on my mind for a long time and I’m going to post it over at to see if any of the expert recruiters over there can chime in. I imagine that a lot of people have this same question, so hopefully we’ll get some good advice 😉

Because of what I do (lots of networking, all day long and into the night) I meet some very unique, outstanding individuals. Only a few are here local – many are spread throughout the country (or have interest in working overseas). When I say unique, I mean they are way above average in their competencies, work experience, salary expectations etc. Maybe my experience is too limited but I think I’m talking about the creme of the crop. And, as someone wrote for the carnival (I’ll post the whole thing on the 6th), they may have spent all their time on their JOB and none (or little) on their CAREER.

So my question is, if I know so-and-so in this-state or that-state, HOW can I hook them up? I know Carl Chapman in Georgia but as far as I understand he only focuses on restaurant executives. I know Paul in Minnesota but I think he only focuses on techies. Dave Mendoza is an expert networker (this is a really good read on networking – or here it is on his blog)… but I don’t think it is right to send all of these unique folks to those recruiters. And I realize that some recruiters are very specialized but still work nationally.

How do I find someone that can help people like the following (all of these are real people):

H.A. – just got laid off – has been an exec in the ag industry working for huge organizations in various countries. Very seasoned, experienced, etc. Usually VP or above. I think he is open to any good opportunity, anywhere.

K.B. – business expert on strategy, leadership etc. Not sure where he lives or wants to live but this guy is hot stuff.

D.S. – inventory expert, wants to stay in Pennsylvania. Incredible experience and could probably write books on logistics, supply chain management, etc.

J.D. – here in the SLC area and wants to stay here, J.D. has incredible business development and international development experience. Worked and performed miracles at a company everyone knows and is looking for his next big gig.

J.H. – an American that has spent (I think) about 10 years in Asia, speaks Mandarin and Cantonese and is very interested in working in Asia again.

There are more… L.J. has great depth in marketing and international experience, L.?. has a PhD in the medical research arena, etc etc etc.

Any ideas on how I can get more connected to people that can help these people? What would recruiters recommend I do to be more useful to these friends that are in my network? What do *you* recommend?

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  1. Hey buddy, I apologize for being away the past couple of weeks. Some quick thoughts:

    -Have detailed information including location, job titles and if possible a resume to pass on.
    -Ask for permsission from those in your network of friends if they are willing to help people that may not be in their niche. If they are open to people helping people.
    -Continue building the network of recruiters you have been working with.
    -Create a web page or sister site to this one for people to post their resumes. A slim down version of a resume board.

    I know it is hard on you to not be able to help every person who comes your way. I feel that way a lot. But do the best you can while concentrating on your own work. Without this site and you in the game these folks will have one less person looking out for them.

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