Is This National Personal Branding Week?

Maybe not but perhaps it should be. Yesterday’s on-site presentation, today I’m looking for personal branding blogs (yesterday I went to look for my ‘category’ (see those links on the left, where I have all my posts categorized?) called “Personal Branding” and DOH! I didn’t see it!) and on Friday I’ll announce the winner of October’s You Get It monthly award. And, the carnival entries that I’ve read are laden with personal branding (and more – and it is all qute personal).

First thing to notice is a new category for things about personal branding (I’m not going back to all the posts to recategorize yet), and another “blogroll” section to highlight personal branding blogs (I’ll start this today). Here are a few that I came across that you might find interesting:

Seth Godin is a master in his own right, and everyone knows it and links to him. I’ve neglected linking to him because, well, everyone else does. But with regard to personal branding it is critical to understand marketing ideas and thoughts, and I’m not sure there is a better place to get it. And, Seth’s posts are way shorter than mine… he is a daily “must read.”

William Arruda, the “personal branding strategist” … lots of good juice on personal branding but it looks like he’s taken the last three weeks off. I bet he’ll be back soon, his short posts are good stuff. In this one William talks about “Do O’clock” (listen to the 1:49 minute podcast, you’ll get it)… and I agree. For me this time of the day was the sleepy time, so why not shift gears and work on your career and not your job?

Here’s one from Andres Perez Ortega from Spain (get your spanish dictionaries out). It is filled with cool, juicy thoughts and even if you can’t read Spanish you should know that this is a hot topic internationally. Andres has a great blog with lots of content. Hola Andres!

Jack Yan is a branding expert with huge international appeal. If you dig reading Seth’s stuff on branding you might want to peek over here and see if Jack has stuff you need to learn about. I always encourage professionals to sharpen their saw and I’m seeing more stuff here from Jack than I got out of my MBA marketing class. Here’s a specific post on personal branding (at the end when he talks about celebrity brands, that’s you ;).

HELLO my name is Scott cracks me up – he wears a name badge everywhere he goes. Is that personal branding or what? I find his blog to be though-provoking… and since he is living the personal branding thing figure he is a great read (he has to promote his speeches, books, etc.). Lots to learn from mr. namebadge everywhere.

Jason Whitman is all about branding – his blog’s name is “Brand Love Hate”. He has a series on personal branding, and here is one post (with two links) that are great reads FOR YOU.

Susan Guarneri is “the Career Assessment Goddess” – and her blog is right on for everyone that knows they may be in a job search. Here is a specific post on personal branding, note she mentions William and Carolynn… I had lunch with Carolynn a couple of weeks ago. Does that make me a little more famous?

For fun here is a very short read on how to have a great personal brand with CHEESE (it is in europe… hm, those funny guys).

9 thoughts on “Is This National Personal Branding Week?”

  1. Thanks for the link. It’s been a while since we made the method, and it’s been tested vigorously…But the return on investment (cheese) in brandvalue hasn’t been what we expected. But no worries…We’re working 2/1 (that’s two hours, one day) to come up with a new and improved method. Drop by the blog tomorrow noonish, and I’ll reveal the new method for your viewing pleasure.

    Get your cheese on…Busto

  2. Hey Andreas, I only linked to it because you are right on – if people follow this it advice consistently I bet they’ll end up on the news. Probably become more famous than My Name Is Scott!

    I’m anxious to see tomorrow’s post 😉

  3. Count me in as a strong supporter Andres. I love the idea of personal branding and believe that it is a power component of career management strategy. Also, I’m glad to see you writing great stuff to the Spanish speaking market!

  4. Jason, thank you for your very kind words. Although they do not blog, Thomas Gad and Anette Rosencreutz’s Managing Brand Me is very good, too, on this very topic, dividing the personal brand into four dimensions. If I get a chance, I will type that up this weekend.

  5. hey Jack, no need to thank me, your blog speaks for itself. Even if people are not into personal branding they can learn a lot on regular branding from an expert – your blog should be a must read. Let us know if you blog on the Managing Brand Me folks, we’d love to check it out!

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