Paul’s Job Board Secrets

I’ve blogged on Paul from the Twin Cities before… in fact he is one of my favorite recruiters and has a great blog for job seekers and professionals.

This particular post reminded me of one of my strategy classes in the MBA program where we learned about the “competitive landscape” – that is – you should know the ins-and-outs of your business, everything about vendors, suppliers, customers, etc.

Your career management is your business!

So here is a view into the recruiter world, a how-to that Paul wrote on whether job boards are valuable or not. One quick Jason-note – I’ve blogged a lot on networking to get that job, but I do not discount the power or value of job boards. This post from Paul shows you that they are indeed valuable, and not only in the traditional sense that we all used to think.

In response to “what do you use job boards for?” Paul replies: “I do not recruit people who post their resume online today. I leave that to my clients.

So what, how, huh? Go check out this post – it is a 4 minute read and may help you rethink how YOU use job boards!