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Ya, this is the third post for today, sorry about that! You now I usually only post once a day. I just needed to mention a few updates… next week I’ll have more cool stuff to announce as we are finishing up some way cool development to further polish JibberJobber. And, I got a lengthy detailed e-mail yesterday by someone that is very analytical with some great points (well, weaknesses) that can be addressed. So here’s what’s new (at least, the stuff I can announce now):

First, John from Utah requested a change on how to add contacts… if you want to use the “referred by” part then you have to know where you put the referrer (so, if Joe referred you to Sally, you have to know where you had Joe (in My Network, Friends, etc.). That was getting kind of confusing, and some people like to have tons of categories, … John suggested to just have a drop down of all the people in his network, and not have to hunt people down by the categories. This is the new default, but if you like the old way then you can go into My Account -> Preferences and go back to the old way.

Second, I’m pleased to announce a relationship with where they actually co-branded their stuff with my site. We have been talking about this for a while but it was my bad because we were in the middle of changing our layout (which, btw, I was recently told feels old 🙁 You just can’t win them all!) Anyway, under Tools AND on the right-bottom panel on the front page while logged in are the links to… go ahead and go there to see what you are worth, and all that juicy stuff.

Third, another great relationship with I’ve blogged on them before and they have done a co-branding also. You will find links to them (1) under Tools, (2) in the bottom right panel on the main logged in page, and (3) in the Library (at the bottom). Chimby is the google of all things job search. I know the owner (he wrote the book Ultimate Job Hunting Secrets) and he has a great search system that is limited to searching on only job related stuff. He pulls from about 200 websites that have blog posts, articles, etc. I go there frequently when I’m looking for good information… Google just doesn’t filter it down like Chimby does.

That’s all I have to say for now. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re working on for Wednesday(ish):

  1. Addition of a birthday field for contacts (duh.. how can you keep relationships if you don’t know this. Go put your wife or husband’s b-day in!)
  2. New phone field so you can have work and home… once again, DUH. Not sure how we overlooked that. But polishing is a good thing, right?
  3. Adding a picture on a contact – this is cool because I’m *really* bad with names+faces. This way I’ll be able to put people’s pics up and when I meet with them, go check out their picture so I can recognize them when I see them.
  4. Importing enhancements. This will be phase II on this feature… it works fine (no bugs) now but there are some useability changes that we’re implementing that will make it way easier and more effective.

I’m out there networking and meeting with users, collecting business cards and having lunches. I’m putting JibberJobber to the test personally and have a list of things to make it better… all the input from you guys is great and is on the list!!

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