Quick maps update – new features!

A few days ago I posted on the Google Maps interface, and got some some nice notice by a GoogleMaps watcher (this is a very interesting website, by the way). I appreciate the notice and official declaration that JibberJobber is Web 2.0 :).

There are two new things that I wanted to mention (they got released this morning):

  1. There is a new icon on the top left of the map to print a listing of what you are seeing. It is cool to see the little icons on the map but if you need to print and run, you can now do that. This will filter down to whatever view you are on (my companies, recruiters, global companies, etc.). Just click on the icon and it will pop-up a new window which you can print from.
  2. There is a “Get Directions” link on the little pop-up (the one that gives you company details, phone number, ability to rate and comment). If you click on that a new window opens with directions and a map, courtesy Google Maps once again. This is pretty cool when you have an interview, or want to go drop in on a company, and aren’t quite sure how to get there.

Both of these additions should make the Mapping a little more functional for you to have interviews, meet for lunch, etc.

Note that you can put your favorite restaurants, schools, libraries or other common meeting places in and get maps and directions to get there! Not too shabby, eh?