Is Labor Day the faux holiday?

this was a search today - 9/7/06I enjoyed reading some posts about Labor Day, why it was created and all that interesting stuff. I’ve always been intruiged by holidays (why they are when they are, what we are ‘supposed’ to do, etc.). Like, why is Thanksgiving always on a Thursday? Why is Christmas in December instead of April? Why aren’t there more President’s Days, and why doesn’t everyone automatically get their own birthday as a day off, just like a holiday 😉

But Labor Day is a funny one to me. It has always meant “back to school” … yuck. Rob found a nice little explanation of what/why Labor Day, which makes sense. So its kind of like on Father’s Day, its all about Daddy. And on Mother’s Day its all about Mommy. And on Labor Day its all about the workers. I’ll buy that.

But I don’t think that corporate american buys it. In fact, I found this article (ok, I ripped this page from the magazine while getting my oil change done) that was just too interesting, and quite conflicting to what Labor Day was originally for:

“Now Arriving, a Bumper Crop of Layoffs… in recent years, more and more workers have been put on permanent holiday following their day of recognition. … Labor Day now tends to kick off the busiest period of layoffs in the year… 38% of the 9.7 million job cuts accounced between 1996 and 2005 have come between Labor Day and year’s end.”U.S. News & World Report, September 4, 2006

So what is it? We love and appreciate you – just take a day off. No, now that we think about it, take the rest of your life off! Like I have on the back of my business card: “Thanks for everything. Goodbye.

So what are you doing to prepare for a potential “career change?”