How to HATE your job

I love it. Here’s a critical line in Ian’s Get Bold blog: “Ultimately, it comes down to the offer and your decision.” This blog post is about worklife balance.

A close friend asked my advice about a career change a few years ago. I had outgrown the “it’s all about the money” and realized that company culture had a huge role in my job satisfaction – and that’s what we discussed. This person negated every aspect of company culture, and the things that Ian talks about in his blog post, and went for the money. With miserable results. It came down to the offer and his decision. You know the funny thing, the job is (he’s still there) worse than he ever imagined.

A job offer is more than “will you work for us for $70,000?” It is more “will you work in this environment, with these people, and within the boundaries of our company culture, treating customers the way we believe they should be treated, and we’ll pay you $70,000?” By the end of the day even people that make gobs of money hate there jobs – and its not because they don’t make enough money.

No one is forcing you into a job. And if you feel forced into a job, consider it to be a short-term gig that will keep you afloat until you can get what you really want. And you better actively look for what you really want!

Good post, Ian. It is timely as more people are understanding that the loyalty from an employer is day-to-day.