How To… Create An Action Item

Updated with images and better explanation on February 7, 2007.

How do I… add and track an Action Item?

Action Items are reminders. Outlook calls them Tasks. You might call them a “to do.” JibberJobber calls them Action Items 🙂 make sure there is something in your system - otherwise, add it!Here is how you create one (note that you can follow these steps for a company or a network contact):

First Make sure you have added a company or the network contact – you can tell if you have one of these on the front page in the QuickView Stats panel.

Second You need to create a log entry on the company or the network contact. There are two different places that have a “create log entry” link/icon.

On the List Panel page, this is the Action Item iconOn the right side of the List Panel (You get to the List Panel by clicking Network or Companies from the main menu) there are “add log” icons. If you click on one of these icons it will create a log entry FOR THAT RECORD.

Or, if you are on the Detail Page for a company or a contact (this is the page that shows you the details), you’ll see the log entries at the very bottom. The beginning of the Log Entries section has an “Add Entry” link.From the detail page, click on this link...

Either way gets you to the same window – to add a new log entry.

Check this box to create an Action Item!Third On the Log Entry screen you’ll see the checkbox that says “Create Action Item” – if you check this then the date box below will open up so you can enter a date.

Its that easy! You have now created an Action Item!

Bonus Premium users can get Action Items e-mailed to them. So if you are a premium user, when you click on the box you’ll see a special little box appear that asks when you want it e-mailed to you. Note that you can set a default value in your Preferences – and every Action Item would be sent according to that default value – but you can change this for each Action Item!

Send me an e-mail to remind me!

This results in… an Action Item. You can see this:

1. On the landing page, there is an Action Items panel (top right),
2. In your e-mail, if you choose to get an e-mail reminder (premium feature),
3. In the Action Item report (premium feature)


Premium users can also import Action Items from Outlook (which makes all of the above steps obsolete). And of course, you can export them to a CSV file, which Outlook will then easily import.