Total Picture Radio Interview … featuring me :)

I am frequently asked why I started JibberJobber, how I started it and stuff like that.  Yesterday I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with Peter Clayton for an interview that you can listen to.  This answers a whole bunch of questions like those above, where did the name JibberJobber come from and a whole lot more.  Of course there are things I wish I would have said, or said differently, but hey, it was my first one :)  Peter is a skilled interviewer and we both got pretty excited about certain topics.  I hope you enjoy it!

One thing that I love about having been interviewed by Peter is that he interviews very high profile people, most noteably the CEO of Jobster as well as the author of “Never Eat Alone”… what an honor to be on the same website as those guys!

 Oh btw, if you ever wanted to know what I look like, my picture is up there too.  Thank goodness for photoshop!

Total Picture Radio Interview


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  1. Just listened to your radio interview. Great stuff!

    I’m a LinkedIn user and have found a limitation there in that it doesn’t allow tagging activities to contacts. I look forward to signing up in the next couple weeks.

    I love the Coaching Interface idea!

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