what’s new in JibberJobber?

2 things that are noteworthy (and lots of small things) – Many have asked for the import/export of Action Items (aka Tasks).  This is now available as a premium feature. 

Note that you can re-order the columns that are exported with a cool arrow icon on each field – it is pretty cool.  Also, there is an option for the popular outlook tasks format, which should be very close to the format that you use (outlook likes to change things with each version, so yours might be a little different).

 The other thing is that at the bottom of each page is an icon and link to switch to SSL encryption – for those that are concerned about security.  No one is passing credit cards on the regular JibberJobber (upgrades are handled with PayPal’s high-end security model) – nor social security numbers or anything like that.  Note that even Gmail doesn’t encrypt its normal e-mail pages (and there is more sensitive data there, I bet!) – but you have the choice on what you want to encrypt – simply click that link from any page and you’ll be encrypted.  Note, if you are really worried about the “bad guys” getting your password, then click it right away when you go to JibberJobber, and you’ll be encrypted the whole time.

 More cool stuff next week 🙂