About The Blog

Jason AlbaMy name is Jason Alba. I started this blog with the idea of supporting the purpose of JibberJobber.com – to help provide tools and information to job seekers. I did not set out to be a blogger because I really didn’t have anything to say, and wasn’t really an expert in anything. But once I got started I just couldn’t stop, and I’ve been blogging almost every day, Monday through Friday, since I started.

Having been laid off just 2 weeks after Christmas of 2005, I started a very aggressive job search. I didn’t really know what I was doing, even though I thought I did. I wasted at least 6 weeks doing things that I thought was Job Search 101… but I got nowhere. I decided to pull back and figure out what I was doing wrong. This is the beginning of the story of JibberJobber!

I opened my job search tracking spreadsheet and it hit me: having this functionality, and more, online, would be an awesome tool for the job seeker. Since I, as a job seeker, didn’t have any money, I figured I couldn’t really charge anything for it. That’s why you can use almost all of JibberJobber for free, forever. I believe that you will be in a job search at least every 3 – 5 years, and that your network will play a critical role each time. Doesn’t it make sense that this is a life-long tool?

I call JibberJobber a career tool set because it is more than a job search aid. It is a personal information manager and a personal relationship manager. It incorporates the best of the best from experts around the globe, and has only improved since it was first made available in May 2006.

This blog has allowed me to share my thoughts and feelings about jobs and careers, develop knew relationships, and initiate important dialogue. I have heard from many of my users who have had the same experiences, from cutting my hand open to getting advice. During this journey, I have gained an immense respect for job search experts, and love to hear the stories they have to tell. I hope you enjoy my stories, as they come straight from the heart and from my personal experiences.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts.

Enjoy the blog, sign up on JibberJobber, and make sure you take control of your career!