Updated Job Search Program (2024)

Finally, we are close to having an updated Job Search Program!

Years ago, I was at a career coach / resume writer conference and, between meetings and in my hotel room, had the inspiration to create what I call the Job Search Program. This borrows elements from a friend’s awesome small-business coaching program but is designed for job seekers. More on the history here.

My team has been revamping the whole thing and we will soon be launching the updated Job Search Program. What is in this program?

The Updated Job Search Program

The updated Job Search Program still has 6 weeks of daily instruction. Every day you login, watch a short (10ish minutes) video with instructions and three key tasks to work on for each day, and a way to report back (accountability is key).

The beauty in this program is a daily dose of education accompanied by the three daily tasks that are designed to help you have the right conversations with the right people, all leading to getting introductions to people who could help you land your next position.

I’m a huge advocate for informational interviews which is what this program is centered around.

Let’s do the right things in our job search to get closer to landing the right job. It will take some work but with this program, you won’t be alone.

Stay tuned, we are scheduled to launch the new program on May 6th!


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