Pluralsight Free Week: Hundreds of Soft Skills Courses FREE for 7 Days

This week, starting today and ending Sunday night, you can access hundreds of soft skills courses (along with thousands of hard skills courses) on Pluralsight. I’ve been making Pluralsight courses for almost ten years now. My current course count is 36 courses, with more than ten in the top 10% of most popular courses watched.

So here’s the deal: I’m biased. I think Pluralsight is the best online training/learning platform for technologists. It could be because I have dozens of the hundreds of soft skills courses in the library. It could be because I know many of the other soft skills Authors, having had lunch or dinner with them, and having chatted with them for hours. It could be because I’ve met a bunch of the hard skills authors and know many of them travel the world speaking at conferences. Maybe it’s because it’s really hard to become an Author, and the vetting process alone means you are going to get quality courses.

So yeah, I’m biased. Even so, let me strongly recommend you take advantage of this week of free access to not just hundreds of soft skills courses, thousands of hard skills courses, but learning labs. Check out what they just emailed me:

“We’re unlocking our technology skills platform and making our 7,000+ expert-led video courses, 40+ interactive courses and 20+ projects free for one week only. Time for your users to get work-zone ready for some serious skill development and to take advantage of our platform, FREE, for a full week, starting today 4/25.”

Which of the Hundreds of Soft Skills Courses does Jason Alba Recommend?

Well, gosh, that’s hard to answer. It depends on what you need to work on! What are you ready to tackle, or what soft skills courses will help you with your next work opportunities? There’s no list of “you must do these first” because your role, or where you are at in your career, or your plans, could impact what’s right for you. Out of the hundreds of soft skills courses, here are some to start with.

The six soft skills courses I recommend to job seekers are here, in this post: Y’all! 6 Great Job Search Courses on Pluralsight!

I made a channel with 21 courses titled For Team Leaders.

Another channel with 15 courses is titled Jason Alba’s Career Management Courses.

Another channel with 13 courses is titled Jason Alba’s Path to Management.

Those channels have some of my 10 courses in them.

You can find all of my courses here. You’ll also see a button, under my picture, to “follow” me, which simply means you’ll get an email when I launch a new course or updated a current course.


hundreds of soft skills courses - Jason Alba's profile page

What Else Could I Watch?

Going into an online library with thousands of courses could be daunting. It’s liking walking into a massive library and not knowing which books you should even consider.

One of the best ways to figure it out is to go to the Paths page (on the top-right there’s a link/icon for Paths). On the left you’ll see the different topics, including Agile, Cloud, IT Ops, Security, Software Development. Under Vendors you’ll see different brands, including those who have tech certification you could study for.

Wait, let me say that in a different way: This week you have full access to dive deep into courses to help you study for tech certifications. Any of these could easily be worth hundreds and thousands of dollars to you. Actually, if you get the certifications they could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the course of your career!


In addition to the hundreds of soft skills courses, which can help you land your next job or promotion, or the software courses (which is where Pluralsight originated from, so you can imagine the quantity and quality of those courses), you’ll find courses to help you get certifications to become a business analyst, project manager, etc.

This is an amazing library. Please take advantage of this free week. If you can, cut other things from your calendar and have a week of learning! At least spend an hour or two each day learning. Investing in yourself is one of the best, wisest investments you can ever make

And you are worth that investment.

Sign up for the free weekend here!