Updated Pluralsight Course: Effective Email Communication (3 Modules)

As they say, “out with the old, in with the new.”

In late 2013 I created the Effective Email Communication course on Pluralsight. I was pretty sure no one would watch it because, well, everyone knows how to do emails. Who doesn’t know how to do email?

Pluralsight Effective Email Communication

Apparently, enough people needed this course that it did pretty well. If you didn’t know, Pluralsight authors are compensated based on course views. That means if you watch my course, or any part of my course, I get credit (payment) for that. Whether you are on the 30 day pass, or your company pays for your account, or you bought an account, it’s all the same to me.

Grabbed this before it changed...
Grabbed this before it changed…

When I created this course in 2013 the world was a different place. Of course, we didn’t have Coronavirus, shutting down pretty much everything (except toilet paper manufacturing plants). No, really. Things were different then. And so here we are, in 2020. Quarantined in our houses, away from our colleagues, trying to figure out how to work from home.

With changes in our work, communication, and technology, it was time to update the Effective Email Communication course. Perhaps the most important change is that this course is no longer 1 hour and 33 minutes (it is now 1 hour and 1 minute!! Woot woot!). But what hasn’t changed is email (and written communication) etiquette.

Without further ado, I’ll stop writing so you can go check this course out. You can find it here: Effective Email Communication. If you like it, rate it 🙂 Then, click the Related Courses tab, to see a host of other soft skills and professional development courses (you have to be logged into Pluralsight to see those… below the image I’ll put the links to each course)

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