9 Parts of an Extremely Effective Job Search Program

Yesterday I blogged about What Is JibberJobber?

Today I want to tell a story of a different service that we developed. You can read the long story here: www.JobSearchProgram.com.

JibberJobber Job Search Program

The Job Search Program is not a tracking tool… that is what JibberJobber is. The Job Search Program is also… sorry to say this… not a comprehensive job search program. If you want a comprehensive job search program you might expect to either have a coach spend hours and hours with you, or you might read many books to understand the many aspects of the job search. Perhaps you’ll take hours and hours of courses. By the time you are done with all that perhaps you should just be a job search coach!

If becoming a job search coach isn’t your objective, and what you really want is to land your dream job, the job search program might be just what you need.

We don’t talk about how to create your resume or enhance your LinkedIn profile. We don’t talk about career counseling, nor do we talk about interview prep or salary negotiation. Because of this, I feel like I need to rename it (I might do that later). So what, then, is the Job Search Program?

It is very simply a daily system to help you land your next job, principally through informational interviews.

That’s right: this program is all about informational interviews. I want you to get closer and closer to real job interviews with awesome opportunities. That happens through networking, and informational interviews is networking on steroids.

The most important part of this course, in my opinion, is not the WHAT or the HOW. It is that this is a daily program with accountability. Let me say that again: You can read how to do all of the things below on various websites, articles, in books, etc. But the value of this course is that I spoon feed you three things to do every day for 6 weeks.

During the course of the six weeks you are making progress, and each day you “return and report.” You tell me whether you have done the three things from that day or not. This sense of accountability is critical.

I built this program not just to teach you how, but to virtually walk with you as you did it. Three specific things a day, all to get you closer to the right, and most effective conversations. This program will help you focus on on the most important target companies, and get you closer to hiring managers in the departments you should work in.

So what about what you actually learn? If you are looking for a COURSE: You can watch my recently updated course on informational interviews on Pluralsight (you can watch with a 10 day free trial, or I can get you a 30 day pass).

In the Job Search Program you learn:

  • How and where to find people to ask to have informational interviews with
  • How to ask people to have an informational interview
  • How to prepare for your informational interview with research
  • How to create the right questions for your informational interview
  • How to conduct the informational interview
  • The four key objectives of each informational interview
  • How to follow-up with the person you had the informational interview with
  • How to follow-up with leads to introductions you get from your interviewee, and start the whole process over
  • And, probably more.

Just listing this out I realize there’s more than I thought there would be, as far as what you would learn. But, if you think about it, I give you training and instructions for 42 days. That gives me plenty of time to teach and instruct.

Again, the value isn’t in what you learn. It’s in walking through a systematic plan, with accountability, day after day.

And that is why this job search program is so amazing.