Feedback on “Get Your Next Promotion” Pluralsight Course from Heather MacDonald

Heather MacDonald Program ManagerOne of the most rewarding parts of creating stuff (in this case, soft skills courses for Pluralsight) is hearing what others think about it. Well, not hearing anything… I don’t need to hear that I’m a dolt. But I do love to hear how anything I’ve created has helped you think differently, or inspired you to do something (anything!).

Mark LeBlanc said one of his objectives as a speaker is to impact and inspire. As soon as he said that it became my objective, as a creator.

I was delighted to get tagged in this LinkedIn post by Heather MacDonald, who is working every day to make the world and her work environment a better place (link here). Just looking at Heather’s LinkedIn profile shows me that she strives to help and build others – it is inspiring!

Here’s what she wrote, in case you can’t access her post:

Heather MacDonald Program Manager

Another Pluralsight course I finished recently was How to Get Your Next Promotion by Jason Alba, Product Manager. I am fully aware I’ve only been in my current role for a short time but I am always thinking about what I can do to better support my future plans for my life.

I loved and recommend this course because:

1. It gives tangible steps to figure out what your plan is and how to follow up and get there

2. I love that it talks about soft skills and that it touched on the “cultural fit” issue in applying for new jobs

3. The course talks through how you can take control of your career path so you can truly own your own growth (I have fallen into the trap of believing that if I do a good job people will notice and promote me but I know that’s not typically true.)

There are so many great pieces to this course depending on where you are in your career and what you want to do. I recommend watching the course and understanding where you’re going and what’s next that you can work on.

Where are you on your career path? What’s next for you? What do you need to work on to be ready to move into your next role? Share what you have going on! You never know who else can help you achieve your dream.

#career #lifelonglearning #goals

Thank you Heather, for this very kind review!

If anyone you want a 30 day pass to Pluralsight, to check out this and any of my other soft skills courses, or any of the around-7,000 courses from amazing people from around the world, just let me know. I’ll see if I can find some.

The course she is talking about is here:

Pluralsight How To Get Your Next Promotion