Pluralsight Courses Make Me Hide


I’ve been hiding for the last couple of weeks because I’m at the point in my next Pluralsight course where I can’t do much else. I normally have a half dozen things I’m working on, all with their own levels of complexity and needs. I say I have “business ADD” because I need to work on multiple things at the same time. I also usually have multiple books I’m reading at the same time.

But, I’m nearing the finish line for my 35th Pluralsight course, which is on emotional intelligence for leaders. It’s a really cool course and the more I’ve gotten into it the more I’ve come to really appreciate EQ. I’ve learned some really cool things that will impact me for many years.

The course is due tomorrow… so aside from some customer and tech support here and there, various meetings that I’ve had to be in, I’ve been missing in action. AWOL. Quiet.

I dislike not being able to do all of my normal stuff, but soon enough (early next week?) I’ll be back, spinning all of my plates. For now, though, I’m hiding. Thankfully, I have the right team to cover for me 🙂