Biggest Pluralsight Discount Yet: Black Friday/Cyber Monday of 2019

The last few Pluralsight discounts I’ve shared were pretty great: 33% off of $299. And then I saw this:

This weekend, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, 40% off! 

From $299 (the list price), the 33% off meant you got a whole year of Pluralsight courses for $199. But this weekend it’s better than that. 40% off means you only pay $179.


$179 breaks down to about $15 a month.

For $15 a month you get full and unfettered access to around 6,000 or 7,000 online courses (I’ve heard both numbers).

Yes, these have been designed for technologists. Yes, I know many technologists who are on Pluralsight all the time. Whether they are senior or junior, they use Pluralsight as their learning mechanism to stay up on technologies.

In addition to tech courses (there are even starter courses for those who are looking at a career change into tech), there are courses for product managers, project managers, business analysts, UX designers, and graphics artists.

Get that? Even if you aren’t technical, you can get value from the product manager, project manager, business analyst, etc. courses. That alone is worth a lot more than $179 for a year.

Let’s say that none of that interests you. Check out the Job Search Learning Path below … that is 20 hours of courses/learning for anyone in or preparing for a transition. My most important suggestions will be on personal branding and informational interviews.  Get it for those two courses, and then enjoy the rest, which can only help with your career.

Job Seeker Learning Path Course Sequence:

Course Duration
Designing a Killer Job Search Strategy 1h 43m
Developing a Killer Personal Brand 2h 00m
Resumes and Self-marketing for Software Developers 1h 40m
Relationship Management and Tracking for Your Career 1h 47m
Informational Interviews 1h 45m
LinkedIn Strategy: Optimize Your Profile 1h 55m
LinkedIn: Proactive Strategies 1h 29m
Effective Email Communication 1h 33m
Effective Phone Skills 1h 19m
Becoming a Better Listener 1h 36m
Onboard Yourself: What to Do After You Land Your Dream Job 1h 20m

This ends on Monday night… don’t wait though. Invest in yourself and learn all year.