Get More Out of Mentoring (Pluralsight Courses)

pluralsight_transparentI have two courses on mentoring on Pluralsight. One is for the mentee and one is for the mentor. On the mentee course (How to Be a Great Mentee: Get More out of Mentoring) I responded to a question from Joseph, and I wanted to share that response with you. Joseph asked if I had any recommended reading (about mentoring). I responded with this:

This might come as a surprise but the first book that comes to mind is one of the best books on deep interpersonal relationships and I think is required reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People. I strongly recommend this as an excellent book for mentors and mentees alike.

The second “book” is actually a category of books that I find so inspirational: biographies and autobiographies. I find inspiration in learning about the journeys that others have… what challenges they had, who impacted them, what advice they have picked up along the way, what principles they live by, etc. As I read those I can get a better perspective of my own journey. When I have a random conversation with someone now I can go up 30,000 feet and think “this might be one of those profound moments or people along MY OWN journey.” This perspective, I think, will help us become better learners and mentees.

Probably not what you expected, but those are the two that came to mind first and strongest 🙂

In our discussion I followed up with this link, and think that John Maxwell’s Mentoring 101 would be an excellent read.

I’m sure it’s very good. But I still think my best recommendations are the Friends book and any biographies.

What do you think?