The Job Search Program

When you start your job search, you feel like this:

JibberJobber Job Search Program GPS

You are somewhere, and you need to get somewhere else… and there are so many directions you can go. But if you go this way will you get where you want? Or should you go that way?  Notice, you are the only one around… it indeed feels lonely.

How cool would it be if you had someone in the passenger seat… a navigator? That’s me in the picture below (not really, that’s a mustache model :p) … telling you where you can go. But, ultimately, you are the driver. You make the final decision. But navigators can be awesome.

JibberJobber Job Search Program Guide

Some navigators can be a mess. And too many navigators can fight among themselves. You need to find one you trust and go with them. In the job search a perfect example is when you get a resume professionally written, then you pass it around your friends and ask for input. Your friends mean well, but they might not be (probably aren’t) up on current job search and personal marketing strategies and tactics, and haven’t looked at a resume in over a decade… their advice and input can be more harmful than helpful. They are the wrong navigator.

The job search is made up of basic tactics. Sometimes you need someone to say “Stop. Breathe.” Or, in the image below: “Stop. Take a drink. Rest.” The job search program I created does that. Every single day I walk you through the basics. You don’t need to wonder or worry… just do the program.

JibberJobber Job Search Program Tactics

This program is self-guided, but the navigator navigates based on current principles. Check it out here.