Freedom and Independence. The Battle Continues.

jibberjobber-freedom-independenceToday in the U.S. we celebrate the 4th of July. The theme is freedom and independence.

Since day one, at JibberJobber, our theme has also been freedom and independence.

But, from what?

Today, we celebrate freedom from the drudgery of being out of control in your career.

We celebrate independence from financial bonds that force our hand and make us make bad decisions.

We fight to be free so we can have the life, and lifestyle, we want.

This fight, though, requires smart work.

Smart because we can’t do the status quo things. We have to be wise and purposeful about how we approach our own career management.

Work because we will do hard things… sometimes even picking up the phone, or (gasp!) networking with humans!

The fight is worth it though. The taste of freedom from crappy bosses, suffocating politics, and hopelessness is worth the fight.

Won’t you join me?

Let’s be real, and purposeful, about our own freedom and independence, and not just take what’s given to us. There is so much opportunity out there waiting for us!