Job Search Book Recommendations from Rob Joseph

I love JibberJobber users. They are smart, and collectively have an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. In a recent email conversation I had with Rob Joseph, a senior commercial manager in Cleveland, Ohio, he wrote this:

Some additional feedback: Up until now, my favorite job search books have been Don’t Send A Resume (or, How to Land Your Dream Job) by Jeffrey J. Fox and The Two-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton.  Some of your advice coincides with Dalton’s. Fox is more unconventional, but his approach has helped me before.

One of my favorite books is Jeffrey Fox’s “How to Become a Rainmaker.” A fast, easy read that was very inspirational. I am excited to read Jeffrey’s other stuff…


Steve Dalton helps Duke MBA candidates with their job search (sounds fun!). Even though we tweeted: I’ve also _never_ seen a seeker successfully integrate a CRM into their job search. Less tech is better here IMO, I’ll forgive him for that. I wouldn’t recommend something like Salesforce, or or CRM that is designed for sales, but JibberJobber, a CRM designed specifically for the job search, is a must-have, imo.  Yes, I’m biased. But I’m also right, because I have seen seekers successfully integrate JibberJobber, their job search CRM, into their job search, for 13 years.


What are your favorite job search books?