Veteran’s Day, Free JibberJobber for Veterans

Today we celebrate Veteran’s Day. For JibberJobber, that means we send a reminder that we have, since 2006, given veterans a free year of our premium upgrade.

This is simply a “thank you for serving our country.”  I know that serving in the armed forces is not easy. You don’t do it for money. There’s a chance you could die, or somehow have a completely different life. Whether you come back with physical or mental scars, the experience changes you. I now that leaving home for months on end can be a significant hardship on you and your family, and have an impact on your career.

As owner and CEO of JibberJobber, the least I can do to back up my “thank you” is to give you access to our toolset, to help you in your career, networking, and job search.

Some questions we’ve gotten over the years:

Is this for young or old veterans?  Does it matter when I served, or which war I was in? 

I don’t care when you served. Vietnam? Yep, sign up and let us know and we’ll upgrade you. Leaving the military now? Yep, sign up and let us know.

Is this just for U.S. veterans? 

This is for any veteran of any country.

Are there any strings attached? 

No… we just want some way to know you are a veteran (usually a DD 214), sometimes your LinkedIn profile, and we take your word for it and give you the upgrade.

How do I get this? 

Just get a free JibberJobber account, then send us an email or a Contact Us with your information (DD 214 and/or LinkedIn profile)

Does JibberJobber get compensated in any way for doing this?

No. The military barely recognizes us (I’ve tried to have conversation at various levels and while people appreciate it, no one wants to step out of line and go to bat for us with the decision-makers that could put this in front of a lot more people, specifically those transitioning out right now). We get nothing but good feelings, since 2006 🙂

I have lived in and around the military world for a long time and have a lot of friends and relatives who themselves or their parents have served. This is as much for my friends and family as it is for people I haven’t met.

And seriously, thank you for the sacrifices as you have served.