Career Management Can Be Fun!

I remember going to lunch with John. He was an executive in transition and it seemed he scheduled about five meals a day with people. He didn’t eat much in any of them… but he loved networking with people and realized that once you get someone at a restaurant, you typically have their undivided attention for a good thirty to sixty minutes.

One of the most memorable things he said to me is “This is so much fun!” Here’s a guy who had his executive-level income on pause, and he was having FUN!

It would be more fun to do this with a salary and benefits, I thought. But yeah, I was right there with him. Even as an introvert I was having fun. I loved meeting with people, understanding them and what they needed, and figuring out how I could give and serve and add value to them.

With no strings attached. With a simple belief that if I helped people, they would maybe help me. If they didn’t, no big deal. It felt great to help others.

I will say that the job search is not necessarily fun. There are too many emotions attached, and there is too much on the line. Waiting to hear back from employers, hoping that your network pulls through for you, wondering if you’re networking enough, and all of the tiny things that mere mortals don’t have to worry about, like a typo on a resume. Too. Much. Stress.

Once you let go of thinking that everything depends on every thing you do or say or see, and you relax a bit, then seriously, start enjoying the job search.

Enjoy meeting new people.

Enjoy setting your own schedule.

Enjoy the freedom to take care of your health.

Enjoy not commuting.

Enjoy this time because soon enough it will end. And you’ll be too busy and tired to network, and be healthy, and have time to yourself.

This is YOUR time!