Still here, still organizing job searches

This is the longest hiatus I’ve spent away from the blog and it is equally weird and frustrating.

As you know, I got a job back in February and turned over a lot of my product duties to Liz. I check in daily, and she sends me detailed reports of what the team is doing, stats, and what she needs from me. I’ve been working to keep up with her and am grateful to have a team that is doing great things for JibberJobber users.

For 12 years we’ve focused on the product. The admin functionality and reporting is weaker than it should be because if there was a choice between making something better for the user or making something easier for us (as admins), we chose the user. Every. Single. Time.

Now, though, we have shifted gears a little. We are still doing things for the user, of course, but it’s the health of the overall company that we are working on. And as we get healthier we’ll be in a better position to help each user. This means that we are working on admin and reporting things. The better we are on the back end, the better we can serve users on the front end.

JibberJobber continues to help people organize their job search. An interesting statistic that Liz showed me crushed an assumption I had. I assumed that people needed to get into JibberJobber and kick the tires, and use it a bit, and then they would upgrade. She showed me that a lot of new upgrades are actually first time signups. People who have logged in from one to three times. That is really interesting, and it changes the way we are thinking.

So what’s new? Nothing and everything.

Nothing because we are moving forward just like we have for the last 12+ years. Everything because we are continually asking ourselves “how can we make this better for YOU?”

The team is still full speed ahead, working on the health of the company and the product. And we’re keenly interested in making JibberJobber better for everyone who is looking to organize a job search, or who just landed their dream job and need to organize their new network.