The Twelve Year Job Search

12 years ago I lost my job. Little did I know it would take twelve years and almost a month before I’d have the job offer that I couldn’t turn down.

It was a long twelve years. I had no idea what I was in for, or what I would create. I had no idea how easy some parts would be and how hard others would be.  I had no idea that the glamorized lifestyle of an entrepreneur is wrought with an immense amount of intense hard work and sacrifice. What’s more, I didn’t realize the sacrifice my family would give.

Twelve years was a long run. For much of that time I didn’t believe that I was employable.

And then it happened. I defied ageism, and even with the bias against entrepreneurs (I could tell you stories), I actually got a job. A real, salaried with benefits job at a real company.

I don’t want to discourage you and make you think it will take years for you to land your job. Part of the reason I had a long-term search was because I chose another path. If I had stayed focus on my job search it wouldn’t have taken so long.

Of course, it’s a great economy right now… so hopefully your job search will go quick. But even when we hit the other part of the economic cycle, when it’s a lot harder, you’ll still be okay. We humans are resilient… and we are smart. You’ll figure this out.

You got this.