How I Found A Job (8/20): The Interview Process

When Rusty and I got on our first phone call he said he’d like to have me come in and interview with him directly. This was a very important role and he wanted to get going as soon as he could.  Could I accommodate his quick-turn around schedule? DEFINITELY. This is RIGHT, and I’ll do what I can to make it easy and smooth for him.

Normally, I think, I would have had a phone screen with a recruiter, and maybe a Hirevue interview… but could I come in on Monday morning?

I’ll be there.

The speed this was happening was another sign that this was serious, and he looked at me as a good fit. It was exciting… but the problem was it was more information to help me fall more in love with this company.

The last company I fell in love with (12 years ago), after the interview, I started to mentally do the work.

This time I fell in the same trap. I couldn’t sleep at night, and was waking up at 4pm. My mind was going.

Please let this happen. Please let this work.

By this time, as I learned more about the company, I had already mentally discarded all of the product manager jobs I was applying for (and hadn’t gotten any positive response from).

Nothing was interesting to me anymore, except being on this team, in this company, to change the world.

Please, let it happen.