When You Have Found “THE JOB!!” #dreamJob

I got an email from Sarah last night, here’s part of it:

“Any last thoughts on the resume or cover letter? … I really want this job.”

I also really want certain jobs.  Here’s my advice when you find THE ONE that you really want. THE ONE that is just perfect for you. The one that would make all of your wildest dreams come true:

Find, and apply to, more jobs!

The lowest point of my job search was when I found THE ONE, and was convinced that I had the job. I started to prepare my 90 day plan, and even had a dream about my first days there!  It was so exciting, so invigorating!

And then I found out I didn’t get the job.

It was the lowest point in my job search… at a time when I had already though I’d seen “low.”

If I could go back and coach myself, it would be with the same advice that salespeople get when they make a great sale: sure, celebrate, but get right back on the phone and call some prospects.


So you can take advantage of the high of the sale.

My advice is a little because of that, but also because (a) there is no sure thing, even if you are perfect for the job, until you have the job! And, (b) the timing of the job search and hiring cycle is such that you might fixate on a job that you aren’t going to get, and waste valuable days and weeks as if you had the job.

So, did you find the right job? Great! Do everything you can to earn it! But keep looking… don’t stop looking and working it until you have landed what you want!