Key Tip When Emailing Someone About A Job Opening

When you email someone about a job opening, your email might go like this:

Hi John, I’m reaching out to you about the Product Manager job that is posted for your company.  I’d love to get an introduction to the hiring manager, would you make that introduction for me?

Of course, there are 500 ways to say that, that is just my example.  Here’s my tip: PUT A LINK TO THE JOB IN THE EMAIL!

Yes, I’m putting that in all caps because it’s that important!

When doing this, I’ve done it one of two ways.  One is to put it in the same sentence, like this:

…about the Product Manager job (link) that is posted for your company…

Or, below the paragraph (or at the bottom of your email)… you can do the “link here” or you can put the entire URL in.  Sometimes the URL is so long it will take 3+ lines. That is annoying, but at least if you sent me that I wouldn’t have to wonder if you are sending me to a phishing site… so, pros and cons.

…about the Product Manager job (see link below) that is posted for your company…

(put the link here)

You want to do this for two reasons:

First, I promise that one day you’ll forget where the link is, or not be able to navigate to it, and you’ll wish you had an easy link to see it.  The idea is that you’ll be able to easily find it in the original email to John.

Second, don’t assume that John knows what you are talking about. Even if he should know about it (he’s a recruiter, or he’s on the team that is hiring), he might have multiple openings, and having the exact posting could be very helpful.

Of course, you should go into JibberJobber and leave the link AND the entire job description in the Job record (the entire job description because sometimes the online posting goes away, and it would suck if you didn’t have it recorded anywhere, right?).

Take a few seconds to put this in every email you send when you are talking about a certain job and you won’t regret it 🙂