Announcing an Upcoming Pricing Change

Since 2006 we’ve been trying to figure out how to provide value to you…. the job seeker. Well, the person who cares about their career… whether you are in a job search now, or soon will be. Or, the person who is fine but knows that nothing is secure, and wants to get prepared.

We’ve added features, we’ve lowered prices, we’ve added video tutorials, we’ve offered bundles, we invested in the mobile app, and right now I have a team of developers who are all working on very awesome features that should be rolled out in the next few months.

But there’s always more we can do to add value to you. I want to provide a suite of tools to the job seeker that no other company comes close to… that is tools, education, opportunities, etc.  And I want to do it in such a way that it’s a no-brainer… I want this to be THE TOOL for your job search AND career management now, and until you retire! I want JibberJobber to be your place to go to organize your job search, improve your network relationships, and learn about career management.  I want you to be more empowered and in control than I was when I lost my job in 2006.

We will continue to invest. While I’ve been on “holiday” in Europe (holiday means a long vacation, which is a foreign concept to people in the U.S.) I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction to move. Do we invest in A, or B, or C? What will be best for YOU? What will be best for the longevity of JibberJobber?

In the last almost-three weeks that I’ve had to ponder this, I’ve come to a realization: It’s time to change the prices.  In fact, I have a developer that has spent the last almost-two months simplifying the upgrade page and process, making it easier to upgrade, and removing some confusion.

Last week I had some quiet time and I was really contemplating this and I felt that it was time to further simplify the pricing.  In the past we’ve had three levels (Free, Silver, Premium), and you could choose from monthly, three months, six months, 12 months, 24 months, and lifetime.  That was too many choices (3*6=18) and when we simplified it (removed silver level, to have only 12 remaining choices) our upgrades increased.  We also changed our one year upgrade from $99, which represented a $20 savings, to $60, which represented a 50% savings.  We saw another big increase in upgrades.

It’s time to do it again. Not too long ago I announced that I was going to beef up the video library, and make it a netflix-style payment plan. That is, you could get ALL of my career management videos for $10/month, or you could get them for discounts if you (a) got them for a year, or (b) bundled it with JibberJobber Premium (another $60/year).

The total package of everything I had to offer was $120: $60 for JibberJobber for a year + $60 for the JibberJobber Video Library for a year.

$120 a month.

The inspiration I got last week was to go back to the $60/year price, and include both the JibberJobber app as well as the video library.

My team is working on this right now… so it will be automated. If you want to upgrade now and get both, just do a one year JibberJobber upgrade ($60) and we’ll add the video library access on the backend.

This will simplify your choices and the interface, and it will be a lot lighter on your pocketbook.

Why are we doing this? Because of volume. We have enough signups each month that it makes sense. If we get enough conversions at this discounted rate, we’ll keep doing it. As long as it makes sense, we all help one another get the discounts.  If it doesn’t work out then we’ll go back to regular pricing ($60 + $60), but I think this is going to work.

So there you go… I wrote this while sitting in a hotel lobby near Paris, waiting to leave for the airport. I hope it makes sense. If you are willing to support our mission of helping job seekers land a role, and anyone who cares about their career have better career management, get a one year upgrade. Tell your friends. Advocate for us at job clubs, networking groups, online, even to family…!

What is our commitment to you?

My team will continue to work on projects to make your JibberJobber, job search, career management, and networking experiences better, richer, more effective. I feel like we have SO MUCH work to do. I feel like we are moving SLOW. But I have a team of people who care about you, and they care about JibberJobber. And they’ll continue to work with them to make JibberJobber what it should be.

My commitment is that, when I get back to my home office (later this month, I still have to spend time in Rome and Barcelona on my “holiday”), I will sit down and crank out the videos. I will build an awesome video library for you, focusing on job search, networking, social tools (especially LinkedIn), and even go into entrepreneurship and things to do to make you a better employee… this video library is going to be awesome!  The video library alone will be worth more than the $60 a year, but I feel like adding the JibberJobber networking tool to it will really empower you.

So there you go… a preannouncement because it hasn’t been programmed in yet, but it will be soon. Email me ( or Liz ( if you are ready to get this awesome deal.  (If you have upgraded in the last year, we’ll include the video library… just email us your username and we’ll expedite it for you).

NOTE: Of course, we will still have the very powerful and functional free level.