Welcome Glassdoor Readers: Ultimate Cheatsheet for Organizing Your Job Search

Today we got a bunch of new signups on JibberJobber… they came because Glassdoor emailed out yesterday’s blog post titled The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Organizing Your Job Search. Thanks to Catherine Burns for the mention at the end end of her post.

For anyone new to JibberJobber, let me suggest you watch the 80 second video on the front page of JibberJobber (when you are logged out), and then browse through the Getting Started video series.  If nothing else, browse through the titles to get a better idea of the things you could do with JibberJobber:


That’s really where I would start.  Now, to clarify a few things:

Is JibberJobber Free?

JibberJobber is free, like LinkedIn and Gmail and other sites are. That is, there is a super-duper functional free level, where you can do just about anything you could want, and then there is a premium level.  It’s a low $9.95 a month, or if you like a deal, get one year for only $60 (save 50%).  Many people use the free level, and those who really want the premium features (it’s a short list) pay the upgrade.

What if I’ve already used a spreadsheet to track my job search?

Use whatever tool you need… if Excel works better for you than a CRM, great. But if that becomes frustrating, and you are getting upside down, consider switching over to JibberJobber.  Personally, I’d switch everything over right now, but not worry about putting all of your past Excel data into JibberJobber… just start populating with the conversations you are having and tracking from now on.

What if I’m a coach?  Should I use JibberJobber?

I have plenty of coaches who recommend JibberJobber… outplacement companies, counselors, career centers, resume writers, even recruiters.  People who are “in the know.”  You can simply recommend to your clients, you can email me about bulk discounts for coaches, or you can start to use JibberJobber to manage and track your own clients, prospects, etc.


I get it… job search is hard. Networking is confusing.  Software is… well, something to learn.  Need help?  Reach out to me. I can point you to a blog post, a video, or even jump on a webinar with you. I want to take the friction out of your job search, the best I can, and delight you with JibberJobber.  I’m at Jason@JibberJobber.com

Finally, welcome!   Don’t let being unorganized and letting follow-up slip through the cracks be a huge weakness in your job search.