Updating the LinkedIn for Job Seekers Video Series

I have finally recorded all of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers videos. It was sad to compare this edition to last time, when I had training on certain features that are no longer in LinkedIn (but provided tremendous value).

In this new series you’ll learn about optimizing the LinkedIn Profile, even with all of the weird… er, interesting… changes… such as only showing the first 2 lines of your summary, and not showing any info about previous jobs (only one current job).  I also talk about Groups, communications, messaging, recommendations (how to effectively ask for them, what to do when you get them, and how to give them in a way to help your networking and branding), and more.

I’ve done this four times before this edition… my goal is to help you get value out of LinkedIn.  I know you are busy, and I doubt you want to become a LinkedIn expert… so we focus on what to do (tactics) to get value.

This is included in the JibberJobber Video Library, and includes access to all of the other courses and insider information interviews… for the low price of $9.95 a month (cancel anytime) or $60 for a year of access.

Ready to take your career, job search, networking, or small business to the next level?  Invest $60 for a year of access… it will be well-worth it!  You can see the video library here.